2006-10-20 - 1:33 p.m.

Okay, I have to tell you about our freezer full of meat.

The day the movers came happened to be a football game day. Football is dreadful because all of these alumni show up, and you really can't park or even drive around the campus. I live pretty near (4 blocks) the campus.

Anyway, as the movers were running in and out with all our crap, a meat truck drove up and asked if we wanted to buy some meat. He'd been scheduled to make all these deliveries to soroities, but couldn't because of the accursed game.

It was a company I'd heard of before, and everything seemed to be really frozen, and it all seemed to be okay, so we bought one case of meat and one of fish.

It's really great! Now when we have nothing to eat there's all this meat in the freezer! It was a little expensive, but actually a great deal. And also, incredibly convenient.

Perhaps they will come back again. We've eaten all the fish except some mahi mahi and some shrimp on skewers. We have a bit more beef left.

It is good.

Also, it's convenient because all we have to do is to make some kind of vegetable and some kind of starch and that's dinner. How simple!


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