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2006-10-27 - 12:44 p.m.

So, I'm back. (click back for earlier entry.)

So -- this trip is inconvenient, and I should have said no, and it's a pain in the neck, and not exactly how I like to travel.

Note to self: Okay, are you listening?

You aren't your mother, so you don't have to say yes to your mother in some kind of wierd juju to make your kids say yes to you. You don't ask your kids to do stupid things, mostly, unless somehow your mother is involved.

Life will be very busy up through Christmas. It will be okay to tell your mother NOT to come over Christmas after K's family has gone. You really will need a little time to yourselves. She could come in the summer, though. That would be fine, and you'd be settled by then.

I'm sorry that I don't want her to come over Christmas. I hope my kids would want me to come, but maybe I wouldn't ask, in such a circumstance.

In other news, did I tell you this? The college counselor recommended this book, and it really did change how we're thinking, or at least how I'm thinking. There's such an insane rush for everyone to get into the same 8 schools. This guy's line is that there are other colleges out there that are actually better than those 8 schools, and they're way less selective. Which means that it's actually okay for your poor kid to just grow up as she pleases. My god, what a relief! (Hmmm. Although it looks like his book may be outdated -- but stil, the idea is good.)

Okay. Now I have some stuff to do.

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