Pictures from Italy

2006-11-13 - 11:03 a.m.

Oh my gosh.

I'm home right now because I had to meet T to discuss book cases and door knobs. Apparently he's going to come back tomorrow and get started.

Which is good, because we will have book cases, and bad, because we will be poorer and also there will be dust.

Anyway, now I'm about to go out to run various errands.


K's brother is here. It's nice -- I like him.

I'm worried about N -- I'm worried that homework is making her surly.

The girls have hair appointments today -- that is good.

Also, I actually got a lot done this weekend and the house is feeling more habitable. It may not seem that way to anyone else, but to me it feels significantly better.

Now I will show you some pictures from Abruzzo.

Here is the Adriatic:

Here is some pyrecantha, along the Rio Verde in Faro San Martino:

Some leaves in a trough, Faro San Martino:

The Fountain of 99 Spouts, L'Aquila:

Okay -- here I go.

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