falling into place

2006-11-15 - 11:25 a.m.

So -- I'm about to meet an old friend for lunch, I think, which should be fun.

I'm feeling better in general. I had a nice talk with N last night and feel better about her -- she's staying home today to catch up on stuff. She sounds overworked, but psychically okay. So that's good.

And I've got the hearth sorted out, and I really have the kitchen backsplash done, too, although I have to go order the tile, and T is home today fixing the sump pump and the book cases and things like an extra drawer in the pullout pantry, a handle for the pullout pantry, knobs on the bathroom cabinet and a towel bar in the bathroom, doorstops, a window lock, and N's doorknob.


It really is all getting done. Soon we will be able to hang pictures.

And the shade lady comes tomorrow ...

So there you have it.

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