2006-11-16 - 9:48 a.m.

I am just about to go home to meet the shade lady.

The fact that I have now mentioned this 20 times is a sure sign that I'm excited about it. I think having shades on our windows instead of paper is going to be great!

(heh heh heh).

Also, although I was initially excited about having the workmen come back to finish stuff up, I am now completely over it. I came home yesterday and all the stuff they were supposed to install was still sitting on the kitchen counter. To be fair, they had constructed a bookcase outside, and maybe they're even putting it in inside. But I really want a towel bar in the bathroom downstairs! I can't tell you how much I really do! And knobs on the cabinet!


Oh, and then off course the living room was all disarranged.

I'd forgotten what a pain in the neck that is.

Anyway. Enough of my grumbling.

Now I've got to go.

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