lasagna, a sock, and a book

2006-11-20 - 10:21 a.m.

A mostly pleasant weekend. Each weekend the house gets a little better. I unpacked about 12 boxes of books. They were in the study and are now unpacked onto the bookcases up there. Very nice.

And I swept and cleaned a bit, and the new bookcases in the kitchen and living room are going to help a lot.

We had friends over for dinner -- that was very nice. And N did not finish all her homework, but did get some significant part done. And I excused M from the piano recital that she was not ready for, and got her to practice instead, which seemed more useful.

I read this book, which I heard about here. It's an amazing book, actually. It's about a woman's trips around on a boat for many summers. She took her 5 children, and later just 3 because I gather the oldest had gone off to school, up the Inside Passage (between Vancouver Island and British Columbia). It was occasionally dangerous, but pretty interesting. Strangely, you don't really get much a sense of her different children, or of her life in general. But you do get a spooky kind of sense of what the landscape was like -- in the late 20s, early 30s, I guess. Pretty amazing.

It's the kind of life that I think people really don't live anymore, although maybe they do.

And I'm about halfway through my yellow sock. If I can remember to get more memory for the camera, I will show you a picture. Really, I promise.

And then, about 27 loads of laundry. Fun fun fun.

(Actually, I sort of like to do laundry. It's so easy, with such good results.)

I made lasagna for our dinner guests, and it was really good. AND we have a whole lasagna left over. Yay!

Got to go --

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