complain, complain, complain

2006-11-21 - 11:34 a.m.


The new bookcase in the living room looks great. We just need to paint it. I think the new case in the kitchen will be great, too. I put some canned tomatoes in it, and then later, when I took out the recycling, I noticed the cans through the window in the back door (it's a french door), and they looked quite nice. You know -- they're pretty cans, red and green and yellow, and they looked just right sitting on the shelf, seen through the red framed door.

So that's good. Very good.

Also, I have some pictures, but I'll have to post them tomorrow.

Also, I feel like I should be having holiday travel stress, but I'm actually not. We're flying to Phoenix on Wednesday at 6:20, and back to Oakland on Friday at about 1:30. So we'll just bring carry-on bags and homework and reading. I have to visit my grandmother, which I won't mind. But I think it's too short a trip to get all wigged out. Plus, then we'll have two and a half days at home. Yay!

My mother is being her usual self. She said she'd knit me a sweater, which is very nice of her, but already I can tell that it's going to be way more complicated than that. She wants to use a pattern, but it's not big enough. It should be easy enough to alter, if she really wants to use it. Otherwise, she needs to pick a different pattern. It's really that simple. But no, it is not.

Actually, I think she should just use a different pattern. For her to alter this one will be way too complicated and distressing for her. I think I will bring a couple patterns that would work, and she can pick.

I think she'd really like to knit it for me in a size too small. And she can do that, but I won't ever wear it. Would you? Maybe I can give it to N or M.

Then she lost my flight info. I sent it to her in an email, and my aunt has a computer. She could look it up in her email on my aunt's computer. But no, I need to forward it to my Aunt Buttinsky, so that she too can be involved in everything. My mother can be helpless, and my aunt can be nosy and indispensible. Everybody wins!

Okay, now I am not being nice. And I'm actually not really worried about any of this. It will be nice -- perhaps we can go to a movie, or play hearts. It will be quite good.

It's just that certain parts of it are so predictable.

Oh my god, I am just realizing that when my mother becomes old and incapable, my terrible aunt is going to be hanging around.

Oh, that truly will be impossible.

Okay -- got to go.

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