2006-11-27 - 10:48 a.m.

I have returned!

It was a rather nice break. We flew into Phoenix on Wednesday night without incident. Everyone was in a pretty good mood, so there was giggling. On Thursday we hung around. We figured out the sweater my mother is kniting for me. It seems quite doable. We shall see ... Then we drove out to my brother's house (it takes over an hour) to eat turkey. It was fun, mostly because the guy my brother lives with in Portland (he is working in Portland three days a week until April) turned out not to be a dreaded oddball, but kind of a funny and nice guy. So that was good.

Friday we got up, visited with my grandmother, and then left for the airport. In a way it was too quick, but in another way it wasn't. If we had stayed longer, they could have made plans for us -- so it was kind of nice to get out before we could be forced to be too busy. We got home and puttered around.

Saturday was N's birthday. She is 17! We went to Chinatown for Dim Sum, then wandered around, which was fun. We got home in time to send her over to E's house. E had a party for her. I dropped by with cakes a few hours later. I think it was fun -- they went off to a park to play capture the flag in the dark with glowsticks, which N has been wanting to do for years. It actually seemed fairly nice, and I think N had a good time.

Sunday it rained, which was great. the kids hung around and watched Monk on tv as a way of avoiding homework. I went to the Swedish House of Torture and got a bookcase for N, among other things. I came home. We ate leftover Indian food and cake. I threatened to dismantle the tv and people got to work on their homework.

Laundry was done. Floors were swept. No boxes were emptied, but maybe soon -- I'm getting tireder and tireder of them.

Anyway -- that's the update.

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