2006-12-05 - 1:05 p.m.

So --

Oh dear, It's 1:05 and I haven't really done very much today.

Partly it's the fault of meetings.

Oh, and I just remembered a phone call I have to make.

What else.

I went to my volunteery thing last night, and it was actually fun. It's the development group for LUPS. It's nice, because all we do is give away money.

I guess we raise money, too, but I'm not really involved in that part. Thank god.

It's nice, though, because there's a certain amount of philosophical thinking about the school. I like to think about things, so this is a good thing.

It doesn't affect how we give out money. It's just interesting.

Also, the table I bought this weekend is a good thing, because it turns out it makes the kitchen a good place to do homework. I really can't tell you how good that is.

And, the blinds are sort of magical.

Ooops, I forgot -- no more household posts.

Anyway, now I have to think about decorating for Xmas. I think I may go down to the hardware store and buy some picture hanging nails. Yes, I think that is the place to start.


  • Reading: Something about a star by Alan Hollinghurst. Not a very attractive narrator.
  • Knitting: I've finished N's mittens, which are sadly unalike, and I'm working on a brown sweater.
  • Weather: Lovely and clear and a little bit cold.

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