Happy Monday

2006-12-11 - 10:25 a.m.

I started writing this at home. I was sitting at the kitchen table with a view out through the french doors of my neighbor's garage and some smoky trees in the distance.

But then M came down for breakfast and we had to go and it was all over.

It was a lovely weekend, I think. K's brother N came on Friday night. Did we feed him? I can't remember. Yes, pizza, I think. N was home, but M went to see a play at a friend's school.

Saturday we got up slowly, and K and brother N played tennis, and then we went to the deli for lunch. It rained fiercely, and N did homework, M did homework (or perhaps just read in her room), I emptied my room of boxes and then went to the store for the first of the holiday baking -- Xmas balls! (I'll give you the recipe -- they're very good.) Then we had barbeque for dinner with all of us plus N's friend Will who came over to pick up a pack of cards he'd left at our house. Not sure if he's a friend or a boyfriend, and not sure how I feel about either. He's a nice boy, but ... hmmm. I was nearly drowned on my trip to the store. Very exciting.

Then ... Sunday ... we met Andy, who is N and K's cousin, for breakfast. He lives on Val6ncia St (which is a street of intense hipness). We ate and looked at shops (of futher intense hipness). A was somewhat the worse for wear having spent the night before on a traveling birthday bus. He wasn't quite sure how he'd gotten home, he said. Hmmm. Anyway, then he had to go to work, so we went to the Museum of Modern Art. We poked around there for a while. The things we liked best, I think, were a video of earnest Turks signing karaoke to Smiths' songs against pleasant woodland backdrops, a series of photos of the Bowery (or really liquor bottles in the Bowery) interspersed with words meaning "drunk" (both as an adjective and a noun). And some beautiful paintings by Gerhard Richter -- a candle, and then a painting of his wife reading, very Vermeeresque in both subject and the quality of the light.

Anyway, then we came home. (We lost brother N in between because he had to go register for his conference.) More homework was done. My brother came over and informed me that my house was in no way reading for a party. Yeah, yeah. Actually, what he said was "So, you don't really care about this party on Thursday, right?" This is the way, in my family, that we try to make each other miserable. But I did put together three 1k3a bookcases, did innumerable loads of laundry and we ate chinese food with my brother and his boyfried. As we were just finishing, brother N reappeared. Saving us from fighting over who had to keep the leftovers.

So we didn't get the tree, or even clear out the dining room so we can put the tree in it, but it's lovely to have a bedroom clear of boxes. And it's nice to have clean sheets as well. And the house will be ready enough for this party (it's for people from work anyway, who will probably not be completely surprised to find things not quite done. Like for instance the bare bulbs on the ceiling. Sigh.) It will take a while for that to get fixed. At least there will be food.

And that's the report. It's pleasant having brother N around. He's the best sort of houseguest. He comes and goes with no need for us to worry about him. He makes coffee, and gets his own breakfast. He has a sense of humor, and notices small improvements (like the addition of a handle on the pull-out pantry). He empties and loads the dishwasher without requiring that anybody notice. He can stay as long as he likes!

Happy Monday.

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