2006-12-15 - 1:03 p.m.

So --

It was a success!

I managed to get the downstairs mostly cleared of boxes and looking festive, plus cleaned both bathrooms and mopped the kitchen floor just in time for people to arrive. I made them arraneg the cheese plate while I put on decent clothes and then shoved all the emppty boxes to the far end of the porch so that people could actually see the door.

It was good, and went well, and now the house is pretty much cleaned up for Christmas which is great. The table is clear for me to do my sewing projects. We've figured out where the tree will go. I even strung some lights across the mantle, and they look fabulous!

The thing I'm worrying about a little now is that I have no idea where the Christmas tree stand, the stockings, or the ornaments are.

I'm thinking either K's office or the attic.


It is a huge relief having that over with. Now I need to finish shopping.


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