2006-12-17 - 9:02 a.m.

So --

We've got a week til Christmas, and the festivities have begun. Maddy's Christmas piano workshop was yesterday, plus another party. We were out til midnight, yawning, I'm afraid.

We made our annual trek to the christmas tree farm. Strangely, all the trees we saw were actually two trees, growing together. So after searching the hillside, we picked one of the double trees, hoping it would stay together. But when we got it home and sawed off a little on the bottom, it turned into two. We've jammed them both into the holder -- it's sort of like a tree bouquet, I guess you could say -- It's a funny tree. It's very full starting about three feet off the ground, but perhaps not so full below that. I think once we hang ornaments it will be okay. It's rather large, though. And we've got it in the dining room, which I'm not sure is the spot.

Anyway, so my job now is to string the lights.

It's very cold here today -- it was 35 when we were driving home last night. That is very cold for here. A little too cold for a sweatshirt, which for some is the coat of choice.

But instead I am sitting on the couch. I think I will have a little coffee, perhaps knit a little bit, contemplate the purchases I have to make.

I think we're having a treetrimming party tonight -- with just my brother and his boyfriend. N wants to have eggnog for the party, and then latkes for dinner, since it is, after all, Hannukah.

And I've got a certain amount of box-hauling to do, too.

It feels a bit like a forest gladein here.

Okay. Now I must go.

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