My plan, which I am sharing

2006-12-19 - 1:40 p.m.

I am crafting a plan. Would you like to hear it?

Tonight, I really must go home and make aprons, because I really should have put them in the mail a week ago. A little late is okay. February is not. So tonight -- sew aprons.

(Oh, except N has tutoring, but I could out her in the kitchen. OR I could sew in the kitchen).

Also, I must do some shopping. I think I will do that tomorrow, after the party here at work.

Thursday we will decorate the tree. That may not work, because it's the last day of school for the kids. But maybe it will work, if we invite the E's.

I will have to make cookies before that, though.

That would be good, though.

So -- that's the plan.

Also -- I have to go to the grocery store.



Got to go.

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