Important crafting update

2006-12-20 - 10:38 a.m.

I'm a little tired, because I stayed up until 1:30 making ... 6 little aprons, which turned out quite nicely! I am v. excited. I was aided by N, who was supposed to be writing a paper or something, but from the occasional wry smile I glimpsed on her face, I think she was probably surfing myspace or something.


Anyway, I really will post a picture just as soon as I find the camera and get someone to tell me how to do it again. But let me describe them to you first.

One was for a boy, 10. Not quite sure about his. It was the first. I know he likes yellow, and the Beatles, and reading. So his is yellow fabric with a pattern of tree stumps. The pocket is a patchwork of tree limb fabric, blueberry fabric, plum fabric and cupcake fabric. The strings are of a fabric with tiny frogs and letters. It may be a little too girly. Or it may be just right.

Three more were for boys ages 6,5 and 4. They are quite spectacular. They all have strings made of black pirate fabric, and they are each made of car fabric (three different). One has a pocket of cupcake fabric, one of teacups and one, currently, of pirate fabric, but I'm going to change it for strawberry shortcake fabric if I have time. I think they are great. The mix of huge cars with dainty teacups and cupcakes is pretty humorous.

Or we thought so.

The very best, though, are the two aprons for two girls, aged 3 and 2. One is a red and white fabric with a pattern of those Swedish horses. The pocket is a white waffley fabric with green, red and black kitchen utensils. The simplicity of the background fabric is really good. It has strings of a twill tape with green dots and red lady bugs. The other is a pink and white canvas -- pink with white hippos marching across it, and then a pink fabric with a Little Red Riding Hood pattern. Again, the simplicity of the pink and white fabric with a very repetitive design and then a more elaborate pocket is good. The strings are of a pink tape with little dots and birds printed on. Very nice.

This is good, because those are the aprons I need to mail. I'm going to put together some homemade cake mixes (you know, a sort of theme!) and mail them off tomorrow.

It was also good, because once I got going they were incredibly easy to make. And fun! I am not an excellent sewer. My sister, for instance, is an excellent sewer and anything she made you would be happy to wear. My seams aren't always straight and things like that. However, for this project I don't think it matters much. I think the fun mix of fabrics plus the fact that all the fabrics are cotton (i.e. good for aprons) will make them okay anyway.

(I don't want to be like my aunt, who used to make us all these homemade gifts which were always slightly terrible.)

Now I need to make three more for little girls (I have the fabrics picked out already). And, if I have time, four adult ones. Plus, N seemed to want a car one, so there's that, too.

I think it won't be so hard now that I'm all set up.

Now we must prepare for the office holiday party.

Heaven help us.

Meanwhile, go look at this. A cute baby, some amazing cakes, and tales of Finland.

Pictures tomorrow, I swear!

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