More on the new year ...

2007-01-02 - 11:13 a.m.


I am taking the day off, although I hadn't planned to, and it is good.

Yesterday, M went off to the movies with MT, N and E were at E's all day until she called at 6, asking if we could go to the beach.

So we did, although K and M elected to stay home. So we went with E and ?boyfriend? W (I think not, actually, but could be wrong).

It was quite nice -- we had a tiny illegal bonfire and hung out for an hour or so, then drove home.

And I met W's mother, which is a good thing.

We came home, around 1, to find M hanging out her window blowing bubbles.

She is a nut.

The moon was nearly full, and Orion was out.

And this morning I took the car to the shop (the driver's window won't close -- how excellent) and BART-ed home, and now I think I may start some laundry. Or maybe just take a nap.


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