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2007-01-05 - 9:28 a.m.

Against all reason, I am here at work again today.

But not for long ---

Anyway. Here are two of my favorite (nondiaryland!) blogs at the moment.

Yarnstorm has convinced me that I want to become a quilter. And to collect odd linens.

Say la vee has convinced me that I want Kevin to stay home from work and start cooking for us. (Well, I could have convinced myself of that, actually.)

I'm thinking about resolutions. It has taken me a while to adjust to its being January. Mostly I think we're all just recovering from the insanity that was last year, culminating in us hosting 9 people for 5 or 6 days. But actually, that went surprisingly well -- we usually visit each of K's brothers once a year, and it was really nice to reciprocate. It actually went really well.

So anyway, here are the resolutions I've thought of so far.

  • No more spending money. We do have to buy M skis, and take N on a trip east to look at colleges. But I think that's it. I think we'll just live with what we have for now, which is plenty. Except it might be nice to buy one more stoool for the kitchen, but even that I am willing to wait until next year for.

  • Have people over to dinner more. We've actually already started that, and I think it's a nice thing. The corollary to that is -- we can't worry too much about how messy the house is. (Although if we could keep it at a reasonable level of messiness, that would be good.) And also, we can't be too fussy about what we serve them -- I mean, it's actually okay to have pizza, even, if the idea of cooking fancy foods is what's keeping us from having people over.

  • Relax. I am feeling pretty unrelaxed, which I think is to be expected after last year. So this year, I am going to let things go a little.

  • But, given that, I am going to try to get rid of all the boxes, and the stuff we don't want, and have the house reasonably organized, by this time next year. That's not unreasonable.

Okay, that's all for now.

Oh, I thought of one more:

  • Dinner. Dinner most nights, with vegetable, at some reasonable hour. 6:30, maybe. Plus snack available for the kids that includes a piece of fruit.

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