Predictions of cold weather!

2007-01-08 - 10:04 a.m.

So -- we're all back at school and work. It was rather painful to adjust to the early hour -- especially if you had been up until 2:30 not writing a lab report that's due today but instead ilicitly reading a book under the covers.

Or, if you were the parent of such a person, who felt compelled to keep getting up to tell said person to turn out the lights, and also to make sure that the dryer was still drying. It has a strange new habit of popping open, so you go back to it after an hour, hoping that the clothes you put in it are dry. Instead you find it with its light on, full of damp clothing. Bah.

But actually, it was a nice weekend. K has been playing tennis, which he likes, and which is really good for him. Now he'll be fit, and I'll have to catch up. But we had friends over for dinner, who ended up staying until midnight playing card games. M and I lounged around in my bed Sunday morning, while K made us coffee and prepared for his tennis business. (Poor N huddled in her own bed, since she knew if she got up, she would have to face the hideous homework snowball -- it is really too much. She spent hours and hours up in Yosemite working, and still had hours and hours left when we got back. Bah.)

So the house is fairly clean, and I got boxes packed up, which I still haven't mailed, but hopefully will, since they're in the car. I got the girls to break down most of the boxes on the front porch, which somehow makes many things feel manageable. Like the recycling.

Anyway -- now I am going. Tea, I think.

Oh! I'm at the reference desk, but someone walked by who looked just like Izzie Stephens on Gray's Anatomy!


(But wasn't.)

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