Rapid Update

2007-01-12 - 10:18 a.m.


I am here at work, but honestly, I don't think I'm good for much, today.

We're going skiing!

I am quite excited.

N and M are going up ahead of time with B, mother of E.

I am waiting for K, who may be some time.

(What is that from? I can't remember.)*

This morning I was treated to a recitation of a translation of Ovid's Pyramis and Thisbe. (What a sad story! Expecially when his guts pour out as through a lead pipe. Hmmm.) Yesterday it was the story of Aeneas and Turnus. It is becoming the Roman breakfast hour around our house.

In other news, I am losing my mind, a little bit, due to my inability to find lost mittens and other items because our house is a total mess.

I think I may use some of the time I spend waiting for K trying to clean it up a little bit.

Okay -- I do believe that's all.


*I remembered! It's Ernest Shackleton, when he went off in the open boat, attempting to find help for the South Pole Explorers. Or possibly it's some other south pole explorer, who said that and went out into the cold and snow, never to return. Hmmm. I think possibly the latter. I'll go google it.**

**Lawrence Oates.

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