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2007-01-22 - 11:27 a.m.


It was a pretty nice weekend. I cleaned up a little, which was good. The tree is still up (horror!) because the kids don't want it to come down. I think I have to start taking it down, though, because it is nearly February.

It does seem that it might be a bit excessive to have a Christmas tree up after Valentines Day.

I made two chocolate cakes -- actually M made one. They were rather small cakes, but quite delicious.

I finished a pair of socks and started another. They're nice -- blue and red and yellow and brown. I like them.

K played tennis.

I made pasta with broccoli rabe for dinner, which was actually pretty good, although some thought not.

I put a few things away. Not a lot, but really, every tiny thing helps.

We watched many episodes of Lost. It's really addictive. The kids had a mix of going out and staying in -- they've got finals coming up. I think M is quite worried, which she expressed by reading books she's read before and declaring them great. N computes and recomputes her average and decides what she has to study and actually -- and this is new -- studies. She also had a few little projects to finish up, which she did.

K spent time at work --

Sort of an odd, marking time, sort of weekend, but I did get some space cleared in the bedroom.

Sort of like this entry, I suppose.

And I'm reading some books -- detective stories by Andrea Camilleri. I like them -- they take place in Sicily.

AND -- I took the bus to work today, which was fun.

Okay -- that's really all.

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