2007-01-25 - 11:39 a.m.

I wonder how N is doing. She should be smack dab in the middle of her math final. Today she had math and biology. The math would have been fine if she'd had time to study for it, but finding time was tough, because the bio final was huge.

The real key would have been to start earlier.

But I think she's actually figuring that out -- It's the kind of thing you sort of need to figure out for yourself.

Not that I myself don't have a fair number of projects I am putting off ...

I've been taking the bus in to work, which I'm really enjoying. It sort of makes no sense -- it probably takes as long to walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus as it would to walk the whole way. But I can avoid walking up a hill (which is not really a big hill), and it's free (which is fun, somehow), and I can read a little bit while I wait for the bus, and then when I'm on the bus, and somehow that's very appealing.

Then I walk home, which at the beginning feels like an enormous and tiring project, but by the end seems fine.

M will have finals, too, but tomorrow. Today she has history, which due to complications and the need for a segment on "social living" had their final before Christmas, and art, where they're using the hour and a half to do some special project in class. Tomorrow, she too has math and science.

Okay. Now I'm going. I think it may be time for lunch ...

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