And a nap.

2007-02-02 - 12:16 p.m.


I am very glad it's Friday.

I have a meeting in which I'm supposed to know stuff in a few hours. Oh, it is very tiresome to have to know stuff.

I made a really good quiche for dinner last night -- with a leek and some spinach. It was actually really good.

Ha. I am quite proud of my new vegetable diet.

I had bookgroup last night. We'd read Inheritance of Loss, which I actually haven't finished.

We were all sort of underwhelmed, and tried to figure out why. I think I'll try to finish it, actually.

And our next book is a thriller. Ha! It's this.

I hope it's good. We were all discussing how old and feeble we've become. Alice is in constant pain because her joints ache. Anne's husband was just diagnosed with diabetes. Susan's neck hurts. I also am a wreck (soon to be fixed by my vegetable/homemade chocolate cake diet, I'm sure). So we needed something that will encourage us to stay up past our 9:30 bedtimes.

Very sad.

How did we get to be so old? Plus, it's only going to get worse.

All right. Well perhaps that'll do --


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