lemon meringue pie

2007-02-12 - 12:09 p.m.

Wow. What a good weekend.

I think all I need for my life to be perfection would be routine three day weekends. It's essential, though, that one of the days be a day on which no one else is home.

I did sort of spend a lot of the day reading the Terracotta Dog, but I think that was actually essential for my mental health.

After I finished it, I did manage to get a lot done. So the house feels better. Which makes life more pleasant.

And K and I went back to see Pan's Labyrinth again (since we were late the first time (by about 30 seconds)) on Friday, when both the girls were at the Vagina Monologues (heh heh heh). Saturday we actually had friends over for dinner, in our clean and tidy house. We fed them chicken and lemon meringue pie, which was good. And Sunday, K and I went out again to see Children of Men, which was pretty intense. The poor children stayed home to do their homework.

Anyway, it was nice!

And now, I eat lunch.


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