No snow here ....

2007-02-14 - 12:16 p.m.

I am quite excited about having the tile done -- there's a pretty bluey-green for the kitchen. They're 3 x 9 and they'll be subway tile (you know -- the overlapping kind of rectangles that you see in old showers). It actually looks pretty nice. And then there's a sort of tanny-colored 4 x 4 for the fireplace surround, with a trim of 4 x 12 with a gingko leaf relief. And they're hand made, so the color will vary a little.

I think it will actually be nicer than I even imagine.

I got the house vacuumed before T came over. Somehow you don't want to the contractor who worked for 6 months on your house to see that you let little dustballs drift around the floor like snow on the great plains. Or dishes pile up in the sink, either.

I am experiencing snow-envy. There's the 12 feet of snow in Oswego, NY that keeps appearing on the news. There are the various colleges in N's book that promise lots of snow. There's the 12 " of snow at my co-worker B's mother's house in Urbana, Ill. Hmmm.

Well, it's spring here, although my tulips are showing no signs of life.

The roses are starting to look like they might eventually get leaves, though.

Okay. Got to go.

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