2007-02-15 - 11:35 a.m.

Oh dear, I'm back in total freak-out mode about N and college.


The good thing is, I know I won't be when it's M's turn. Lucky M -- I'm usually not in total freak-out mode concerning her.

Although I used to be, I remember now, when we were worried about her disability.


Anyway, we're plotting a tour of eastern colleges. After that will come the tour of midwestern colleges. Then we'll send her to the local community college. But at least we'll have considered her options. Carefully.

M had a piano lesson yesterday with a possible new guy. He was wonderful. She liked him, too. (But will she practise?) He explained things in a reasonable way and was generally pretty great. I hope it works out.

I'm sort of too tired to even think, here, having been awake from 2 til 4:35 worrying about N's future.

This isn't good.

But she did give me a lovely card, and K gave me a cd. This is why it's important to nag people and remind them how much you really want just a card.


Okay, then.

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