Happy Birthday M!

2007-02-16 - 10:12 a.m.

All out of sorts today, sort of in the way nycme is today. Too much going on, and I'm too tired to even think about it. Except constantly, running in the back of my mind, so I can't do anything but think about it.

But. It's M's 15th birthday! She's home, which is great, but the tile guys are coming, which kind of ruins the day for her. It would be great to have a day home alone, but since she can't, I feel bad that I'm not home, too. Plus, I'm wondering what the tile guys are up to (there are some funky looking tiles for the fireplace, which seems grossly unfair. I'm hoping we don't have to use them, plus I'm feeling sort of mad about it.) And I'm worrying about the grout color. I am so beyond done with home repair.

I will tell you the story of M's birth. She was quite late -- like 10 days, I think. It seemed like she would never be born at all, and I was getting tired of being pregnant. Plus, of course, they threaten you with all sorts of grim scenarios, and I'm a very noninterventionist sort of person. I remember going for a walk one early morning and telling her quite firmly, "Ok, this is enough, now. You really must come out." But she didn't. My mother was hanging around to take care of N while we went to the hospital, and she was actually hoping to get off to do something with my stepfather, but that wasn't happening, either. Then my sister came to visit, and we all went to my brother's house for dinner and we had lasagna, and my sister said, "okay, this will do it." I think she'd had lasagna the night before one of her kids was born. Yeah, yeah, I thought. But she was right! That very night I went in to labor at about midnight, and we barely had time to bundle everybody into the car and pick up my mother and get me to the hospital before she was born! I think it was about 2 (How terrible -- I should know these times.) N and my mother came the next morning, or perhaps afternoon, to take us home. N was wearing some very sweet black corduroy overalls with pink flowers and a dark pink turtleneck. She was quite pleased to see the baby and wanted to take her (M's)clothes off and put them on again. So we did, which M did not seem to like at all. Funny, huh? Then we went home.

And now she is taller than me.

All right. Well, I think I had better do something, because I'm leaving early. N has the car, so she will have to come get me so I can go down to the cake decorating store, and then get home to make a cake. Heart-shaped, with three layers is the request. I'm assuming chocolate all the way, with some pink sprinkles no doubt.


Also, I'm reading My name is red, which I'm liking quite a bit. Into the Blue turns out to be okay, but not phenomenal. It's a kind of a mystery.

Okay. Bye. then

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