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2007-02-20 - 10:09 a.m.


I am rather tired, as somehow the children, despite the 4 day weekend were up until some ungodly hour finishing up homework assignments.


And I, who had a three day weekend, got some stuff done -- a few boxes emptied and disposed off; 6 loads of laundry done; 2 cakes and a batch of cinnamon rolls baked -- things like that.

Did I tell you? Perhaps I did, but there is some talk of our fixing up the basement as a tiny apartment for K's mother to come and stay in for months at a time.

My first response is NOOOO! The thought of more construction makes me want to ... I don't know, tear my eyeballs out? Really, the idea of trucks and dust and people tromping around and picking out light fixtures. No, just no.

But then ... in the first place, it can only happen if K's mother (henceforth to be known as E) pays for it, since we are seriously broke. And she's fairly conservative with her money, so I'm not sure how likely it even is.

In the second place, if we did it, we would hire an architect, tell them we can only spend this much and not a penny more, and then let them pick out everything. (Right. I am already thinking ... except the door, which should match the kitchen door, and the toilet should be one of those low-flow ones ...) But really, I think it would not be as stressful.

And it might be kind of cool to have a little apartment down there. When E isn't here, we could use it as a little extra living room, or a study.

I think it would not be fun to rent it out, ever. I don't want to share the backyard.


The other thing is -- it would take some time to do -- at least a year, I'd think. K's mom is not getting any younger -- how much longer will she want to be flying across the country? Also, N will be going off to college in a year and a half -- so, assuming the right sort of timing, E could really stay in her room for months at a time. Although there are timing issues, and it would mean she'd have to come when N wasn't here, which, you know, -- I mean, maybe she'd like to see N now and then.

So anyway -- unlikely that it will ever come to pass, but sort of interesting to think about.

Anyway. I think if I'm going to keep my eyes open, I'm going to need some tea.

Good morning.

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