Over a cliff

2007-02-21 - 10:48 a.m.


Well, it's about to rain.

The kitchen tile is all grouted. Looks good. I don't know what's up with the fireplace. Hmmm. Waiting to hear from the Ohioans.

Lots of serious homework activities taking place at our house, plus some worry about summer.

I'm thinking maybe we should go backpacking. We haven't for years, and it might be really fun.


Oh -- N and I watched Thelma and Louise last night. I'd never seen it -- I think it came out when the kids were still small and we never went out, and then K never had any interest in seeing it. It was good -- maybe slightly dated, maybe the ending a bit much, but essentially quite cheering. How cute Geena Davis was, and Brad Pitt, too. I like that Brad Pitt so much more than any I've seen since, and how is it that actresses disappear so quickly. Where is Geena Davis?

Anyway. I've got some stuff to do.


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