Cold enough for a coat!

2007-02-28 - 9:44 a.m.

The mysterious list (see previous entry) is a Canadian list. Which si kind of interesting. I'm now reading Gone with the Wind to make up for my deficiencies. We happened to have a copy lying around -- in a box to go out, actually. But I think M might like it -- she's very much into that phase of books, where red hair means you have a temper, and green eyes mean you are mysterious, fiery and interesting. (Perhaps I should mention that she has red-dish hair and green-ish eyes.) (And is mysterious, fiery and interesting, as well as full of hidden depths.) (She's 15! Tell me you didn't have hidden depths at 15.)
I'm going to come up with a list, based purely on things on my bookshelves. It will be a very impressive list, and I will have read everything on it. Or mostly.
Anyway, it's cold and rainy! Yay!
And now I have to go to a meeting. Boo hiss.

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