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2007-03-07 - 9:09 a.m.

Oy. I'm a captive to my stretching program. I've already stretched once this morning. !!

I'm still liking The Bourne Identity. What an interesting idea -- that your whole memory, or really your entire character, can be ripped from you, but you can reconstruct it on the fly, from your instincts. Hmmm. And yet you do not know if you're good or bad. I suppose that's because you're a spy, and they're always sort of on the border.

I think I like the book better than the movie, because in the book you actually know that Bourne doesn't actually remember, but in the movie I think you're not quite sure.

It's a late start day at school, which means that my little kiddlings are home still. Although I suppose they should be leaving soon to get to school by 10.

N wrote her paper last night! What a good kid. It's getting easier -- the fifth paper in to A Farewell to Arms and we're all getting pretty familiar with the book. I can give you a hint -- rain has some strange, nefarious connection to death.

Also, although Hemingway skips a lot, the average 11th grader catches on fairly quickly that Catherine and Frederic are having sex. !!! Shocking! [Not for nothing the 8 years of vigorous sex education today's child is subjected to.]

Also, do you remember the priest? He's from Abruzzi, which is the same as Abruzzo, which is where I went in November. He's quite right -- it's very nice there, and L'Aquila is a very nice town. It's described as a place of coutry virtues, where people believe that it's possible to have a love of god. I suppose that's still true. (Who am I kidding? I have no idea if it's true. But it is a nice place full of pasta and cheese and olives and saffron and mountains. And chestnut trees, which are specifically mentioned many times. And when the bark becomes wet and dark with rain, and the leaves fall early .... DEATH!)

Okay. That is all.

In May, N will be able to drive the car by herself, with friends in it. Currently she is only allowed to drive cars alone, or with family members. If with siblings alone, she needs a note. Good god. Anyway, she told me last night that when she can drive by herself, she'd like to skip school for a day and take her friends to the beach. Apparently, it is really just too sunny and warm for her to concentrate on school. (I didn't mention that May is a long ways off.) It really is spring here -- nice, I suppose, but you see the problem with having it come so early. She's got months of school -- two months to the AP tests, and another month of school after that.
I do remember when it was finally warm enough for us to eat lunch on the hill behind the English classroom. Hmmm. My boyfriend always had these lovely sandwiches made for him by his mother -- tuna with cheddar cheese in pita bread. They were health freaks, and he was something of a weenie.

Ho hum.

Also, I have just spewed coffee all over everything. Hmmm.

Also, I came to work this morning after showering, but before brushing my hair. That is why the dean was in line for coffee behind me. Hopefully, he was too asleep to notice that there is a bag lady working in the library. Oh well.

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