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2007-03-08 - 11:48 a.m.

Here I am!

Let's see -- M had a piano lesson last night, and although she was having perhaps the worst day in the history if the world (it is hard being 15, I think) it actually went quite well. He gave her one of my very most favorite Bartok pieces in the world -- it's called Love Song, I guess, and since I can't sing it for you -- well it's quite lovely.

N's SAT is nearly here! She's been working at a fever pitch with a team of advisors, and with any luck she'll get a decent enough score that she'll never ever have to take it again. I like her advisors -- they are both tall thin asian girls, just out of college (or maybe not even) I would expect. Patient and slightly goofy, which is about the perfect combination. She likes them.

K went to sacramento for a thing yesterday, which I think was kind of fun. He's advising on a something or other official that has to do with a certain kind of building (str@w b@le) and getting it put into the b&ild1ng c0d3. (Do you like my secret code?)

Well. And I was here stretching.

And now I have a million things to do -- so I shall do them.


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