2007-03-09 - 12:06 p.m.

Oh dear, I am still working on this thing.

Life in the Readersguide household continues in the normal fashion. By Friday our house is full of dust and cat hair and laundry. It drives me crazy, but there's not much I can do about it before the weekend.

We had Cuban night again -- Cuban food (or at least the recipes for it that one finds on the web) is really good! We had steak fried in Adobo seasoning (which I think is just salt, pepper, garlic, oregano and paprika in a little bit of vinegar) and moros y cristianos, which is rice with black beans. It was quite delicious, and actually not very hard.

N finished all her homework and wrote her paper. She's getting pretty good at them. She'd mostly written it on Tuesday night, but then finished it up last night, adding a paragraph or two here and there. It turned out well --

M went and baked a cake at her friend S's house. Hmmm.

Anyway, have I told you that my mother is coming? Ahem. I think the fact that I am not freaking out about it is sort of a testament to how horrible last year was. Or, how horribly stressed we all were. It will be an event having my mom around, but since that's pretty much the only even going on, I guess I can deal.

Oh, it will be complicated, but it will be okay.

My friend A was telling me that this is going to be a good year for us, because it's the year of the pig, and we were both born in the year of the pig. I have to tell you that I was not exactly thrilled when I found out I was born in the year of the pig -- a pig is generally an animal you would rather not be called, generally. But apparently, it's a good thing. The radio said that the chinese like to have babies in the year of the pig because they are happy and healthy. (Happy and something, anyway --)So I guess I've made my peace with pigness, and if it means I'm healthy and happy, and that thsi year is going to be okay, well, I'll take it. I think A had a hard year last year, too -- her son caused some academic excitement by refusing to turn anything in, her husband found out he has diabetes -- But this year is going to be great.

So if my mother wants to be alarmed by the state of my sock drawer, or the mail, or the hall closet, well, okay.

(I realize I do the same thing to N, with very similar results. I come in to her room to tell her something, or bring her something, and invariably I start throwing trash away, or putting her socks in her drawer, or -- it drives her crazy, and I can see why. It's irresistable, though! Hah.)

Okay, that is really all --

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