It makes you realize how very much you hated certain parts of highschool

2007-03-13 - 10:10 a.m.

It's summer here!

Also, there was apparently police activity on my street -- I was at work, but N was home. There may have been a youth with a gun hiding in the lovely garden of the Christian Science church across the street.

That doesn't sound so good.

Also, there is some nefarious plot by the school to institute "advisories." Here are it's purposes and outcomes:

Advisory Program Purposes and Outcomes


1. To personalize the LUPS experience by providing a safe and caring community that evolves over four years.
2. To empower students to be their own advocates.
3. To develop habits of successful students.
4. To provide students information on policies, resources, opportunities, etc.
5. To provide every student with an adult advocate.


1. To help students create a vision for their future by developing a five year plan by their junior year that will take through graduation and into postsecondary education.
2. Students will understand how to access support services, set personal and academic goals and develop a plan to monitor and achieve their goals.
3. Students will demonstrate skills to manage conflict without resorting to violence.
4. Students will experience an adult advocate who knows and cares about them and can strategize ways to improve their success.
5. Students will be their own advocate and take responsibility for their own education.
6. Students will work together to develop a community of peers to support their personal and academic goals.

Yes, right. Where do they come up with these things? "Students will experience an adult advocate ..." I'd rather they not, thanks all the same.

I guess that what this really means is a study hall every Wednesday. I mean, I guess that's the best we can hope for. At worst, they really will try to "To personalize the LUPS experience by providing a safe and caring community that evolves over four years." Why oh why are they always concocting these harebrained schemes? Why can't they just focus on finding enough decent biology teachers?

It wouldn't be quite so bad if they wouldn't keep doing this every year. Two years ago they had this great plan to make all freshmen take pe. People grumbled, but really it was an okay thing -- there were these huge classes of only freshmen. I'm not sure that much pe went on, but they did a fair amount of hanging around and bonding, plus it was a good way to get the stupid pe requirement out of the way. It was the way it was going to be forever, until the very next year, when suddenly it was as if it had never been.

So it will be these advisories -- a great deal of excitement one year and then gone the next.

The other thing is, you sort of figure out what to do about something -- pe, whatever -- and then the next year it's completely changed.

It drives me nuts.

Okay. That is all.

Oh well.

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