spring forward -- what a swell idea

2007-03-14 - 10:15 a.m.


I think I have not mentioned the terrible time change. I think I'd actually been coping fairly well until this morning, when the cream was bad, there was no milk, we were late and I yelled at everybody.

Until then, though - that's not bad!

M did really well at riding yesterday. I don't often stay for her lesson, so I have no idea how she's doing, but lately I've been walking in the regional park nearby for the first part of it, and then catching the second part. It actually makes more sense than driving home and back again. Anyway, it was a nice walk, and then it was nice to see her. She was riding an old horse and she really had him going in a sprightly way.

Plus, we didn't have to carpool on the way back and I heard all about all sort of things.

N met with the college counselor, and now we have a schedule for our college tour all lined up. The choices have changed a bit -- I think W is anticipating that N's scores will be decent eventually, although I think probably not this time due to the fact that she had to go to the bathroom in a desperate way all the way through one of the math sections. Anyway -- now I need to make hotel reservations, and reservations with friends and relations.

We watched M8ppet Treasure 1sland, too, while M translated her latin paragraph about the sailors letting the winds out of the bag, somehow ending up with Circe and being turned into pigs (why they are reading the Odyssey, or an abridgement, at least, in latin I can't explain) and N did her math homework. Very stirring it was -- actually, the truly amazing thing to me was how very much like P1rates of the C@rribean it was -- the music, the scenery, even certain scenes. Huh.

What a good story -- I think the curious think about it, and the book, if I remember it correctly, is that you're not quite sure how to feel about Long John Silver. I guess he's bad, but he's not completely bad -- somehow troubling. How are you supposed to feel? Unsettled, I think.

One more thing -- the garden! It's a disaster , but! There are all kinds of unexpected things! In the winter there was a white thing -- perhaps a gardenia? or possibly just a nice camelia. Now there is freesia popping up all over the place, plus daffodils -- some of which I planted and some which I did not. Forget-me-nots, nasturtiums (in a kind of weedlike manner, to tell the truth, roses (some of which I put in), and some funny little white star-like flowers. They look like blue-eyed grass, which is a wildflower around here, but they're white. Some hyacinths. It's kind of exciting.

Okay -- that's all for now.

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