Dire moment

2007-03-14 - 12:34 p.m.

Okay, so now I'm reading The Bourne ... something or other -- the second one. I'm not sure why these are so pleasing to me at the moment. It's sort of like doing puzzles.

Actually, it's a funny way to read something -- I don't really care about the details of the plot. There are three different kinds of Chinese gov'ts involved, and I'm not really even bothering to keep them straight. I can't even really tell you who the bad guy is -- at first we thought he was just some guy, and then the PRC gov't and now, oddly, he appears to be with Taiwan. I think. Really, I'm not really bothering to understand -- I'm just sort of trying to follow along with where the characters are at any given moment.

But, one odd, and I think annoying thing is the way the characters talk to themselves in italics in a sort of shorthand -- No! Focus on the moment! Marie!

So now I'm doing it myself. No! It's too early for lunch! Focus on the book -- it's a commentary. How do you catalogue a commentary? Look it up! Don't get distracted!

It's a little bit wearing, to tell you the truth.


And now I have spend many moments getting this entry just so.

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