2007-03-21 - 3:20 p.m.

I'm here, I really am, but things are a bit hectic at the moment.

1. Life in general.

2. End of quarter for kids.

3. Should be preparing for college tour, but am not.

4. Doctors/dentists appts for kids (they are just in March, I don't know why.)

5. My Mother. She just, um, requires a lot of attention. For some reason, she's not an easy house guest. For instance, I picked her up at the airport on Friday and brought her home. We went out into the yard to sit and immediately she asks me what I intend to do with the yard; couldn't I get rid of that pile of boxes over there; couldn't we hire some people to clean out all the weeds; what is my ultimate plan ...

She means well, and she's right -- the boxes needed to go out, etc. It's just not very peaceful. It would be so much easier if she could just sit for a while and then comment nicely on how pleasant the sun feels and gracious, are those forget-me-nots?

But then she would be someone else's mother, and not mine.

It's not even that I'm insulted, which I think would be justified. I know she means well, and wishes to help. It's just so tiring ...

And if I had a week off to devote to keeping her occupied ... But I don't. That's a large part of it, actually -- that she kind of requires constant entertaining, although, to her credit, she does not require that at her own house.

K thinks she just doesn't notice anything around her -- that she's self-absorbed.

It's just that her helping seems (to me) to require me to just up and start folding up boxes or hiring day laborers or god knows what, and I just don't work that way --

Or not happily, anyway.

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