Misting, and I missed the bus

2007-03-26 - 11:16 a.m.


Well, we all survived. There were some tense moments, but in all I think it went well -- I stayed home Friday and we worked in the yard and took a little walk and ate lunch in the yard, and then met the girls and drove in to the Garden Show (http://www.gardenshow.com/sf/index/index.asp) to see my brother's exhibit, which was quite nice. His was a zen garden. There were a couple other beautiful ones -- a sort of Monet's garden, with lovely bridges and wisteria and plums; an under-the-sea garden with all kinds of lovely succulents; a wine garden, with lamps made of wine bottles and a walkway made of corks; and my personal favorite, a meadow garden, put together by this guy among others. It had lovely lovely grasses, which I htink we could put in our yard. The idea is, you plant these native bunch grasses, and can have wild flowers growing amongst them, and they don't need to be mowed or watered, but can occasionally be mowed. I think they'd be nice.

Then we drove into the city, where we met K and my brother's boyfriend D and had a great dinner -- so that was all good.

We really did get a lot done in the garden, and I worked some more on Saturday and got even more done.

And generally got a bunch of things sorted out, and the house vacuumed and the beds changed and the laundry done.

It's the little things. Except they're not really little -- they're huge.


Yikes! Got to go.

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