More of the same -- sorry!

2007-04-12 - 2:40 p.m.


I really must go get a hot chocolate. Or something. I've been working quite furiously all day on a variety of things. I'm a little frazzled.

It's been a frazzled week, to tell the truth.

That's what happens when you go away.


I wish I had something more entertaining to talk to you about.

Sadly, I do not.

Here is more obsessing. The son of an acquaintance of mine was accepted at H2rv2rd and M!T. I'm not sure where else. Oh, waitlisted at D$k#. (Apparently, it really was an odd year.) I don't know what I would choose in that situation, and I suppose it will depend on what he wants, and since I don't know him, I don't know what that is.


And someone in N's photo class who "had lots of B's last year" (says N, hopefully) got into @mh3rst.

And we know of someone who got into St2nf0rd, but not ucl@.


I'm afraid that really is all I've got.

But don't worry. Tomorrow is another day.

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