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2007-04-28 - 2:04 p.m.


It is very quiet here. N went to the city with two friends to do some shopping. It's a beautiful day, and she seemed completely happy to be going out in it to do something fun. M is upstairs reading. She got a stomach bug yesterday and has been slowly recuperating. Recuperating at this point seems to involve eating tiny amounts of pepperidge farm butterfly crackers and reading Tamora Pierce novels. K mowed the lawn and grumbled about the messy house and then headed off to the office for a slow day of sending out invoices.

And I am here! (Home, I mean) And it is gorgeous and warm. I've watered all the things I've planted. Lots of daffodils are coming up. It's late, but then I planted them two weeks ago, so that's exciting. Roses are blooming. The mock orange is in full glory. I took a picture to show you, but unfortunately the downloader thing is missing all its cords ...

Hmmm. Maybe I can try something else.


I am now so completely busy at work (which is a really nice change, actually) that the house is a pit at the end of the week, but I also think I deserve a bit of a rest. I've got some ideas for moving some furniture around which I think will make things better. But first I suppose I ought to clean the kitchen, and I don't really want to.

So, I'm putting it off for a while.

Recent changes mean I'm now head of a (small) department. The exciting part is that we can look over what we do and change it. There are things that have been bugging us for year. Also, people ask my opinion more. I am pretty much always happy to give my opinion. Also, the woman I'm now working for is pretty smart -- I like working for someone who's pretty smart, as a matter of fact.

Come back in two months, and I may be really sorry that I took this on, but at the moment, I'm actually enjoying it.

But it does mean that when I get home I'm pretty exhausted.

But that's pretty much a good thing.

Alright. I'm going now, to either cut some flowers to bring inside, figure out the camera-downloader thing, or (most likely) read something. We've got tons of things to read around here -- three day old newspapers, The Believer which I actually really like (I was predisposed not to, since I'm sort of allergic to hipness. Maybe it's not really hip -- just odd. Odd I like.), old New Yorkers, lots of books ...

Anyway. Have a happy Saturday!

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