End of April

2007-04-30 - 10:22 a.m.


It feels like it was a lovely weekend, although I don't really know why.

I did buy some new plants.

Some old plants are blooming.

There was a lot of time spent lolling in the kitchen, reading the paper.

I got the laundry done, and the kitchen (mostly) cleaned, and the house vacuumed. N did sweep the stairs. K and I went for a walk. K played tennis. I watched Stranger than Fiction, which I really liked.

I will tell you why I liked it. These reasons pertain mostly to me --

  • I liked everyone in it, and the cleverness with which they were in it. Was that Linda Hunt as the psychiatrist? It was great to see Queen Latifah so buttoned up, and Will Farrell so unfunny.
  • I liked the way Dustin Hoffman tried to figure out who was the author.
  • I really liked the literariness of it.
  • I liked the way, in the end, the author decided that a good life is better than a good work of art.

It reminded me of thisarticle, which I also read this weekend.

Also, I think it was a good weekend because even though the magnolias bloom in January here, I am not really programmed for spring until the end of April.

Which it now is.

Okay -- stuff to do.

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