2007-05-07 - 1:58 p.m.

Is diaryland dead? I certainly hope not, but itís seeming a little shaky. Hmmm.

Okay. It is now lunchtime. I think I should probably go eat lunch.

But hereís what Iíve been up to. I was planning to come in to work over the weekend to move my crap from one desk to another. But then I got home and realized, what, am I crazy? My entire house is a complete mess and thereís no food anywhere because I never have any time at home, and neither does K, and thereís no way in hell Iím going to give up my weekend to potter around in my office!

So I didnít.

So Ė Iím not quite sure what I did do, but whatever I did it was at home.

There was a certain amount of driving children hither and yon. N was either at Eís house, or with E at ours, but it was good because they were studying. M was out socializing. Iím realizing that maybe thatís what freshman year is all about Ėpointless socializing with people Iím not all that crazy about. So Iím just biting my tongue and waiting for it all to be over. She wanted to wear some tiny little blouse as a dress this morning, with tights. Mind you itís about 85 degrees. I said no, and suggested she put on a pair of shorts. Which she did, and actually seemed happier.

Thatís the thing Ė you finally call them on their ridiculous behavior and then theyíre relieved. They can now go to school in normal clothing and blame it all on me.

But N is pretty much past it, which makes the whole thing with M seem a little annoying, but mostly comical. Whereas when it was N I think I was fairly hysterical, imagining it permanent.

The raccoon makeup, though Ė N never went through that. I am having a hard time biting my tongue on that one. Why would anyone, no matter how teenaged, imagine that drawing black eyeliner circles around your eyes would be an attractive thing? I certainly donít get it. She looks so nice when sheís just herself! (Iím sure Iím the first with this sentiment.)

Also, there some kind of strange and terrible wind going on. I woke up at about 6:30 and went out to find a bunch of those terrible packing peanuts blowing around our yard. I donít know exactly how it happened, but I think they escaped from a bag I had on the porch. The bag is nowhere to be found Ė either K did something with it when he left, or it just blew away and is now despoiling someone elseís yard.


But our yard is looking nice. I realize that I like it in its wild state Ė it reminds me of the yards of lake cottages in Minnesota in my youth. Soft grass, weedy beds. Iíve put in a ton of roses, and there are also a bunch already there. I think thatís whatís influencing my nursery choices, too Ė lilac and viburnum. Maybe it will work Ė thereís a nice mix of sun and shade, and the ground is fairly damp Ė there must be an underground creek nearby. Anyway, itís quite nice to sit out under the apple tree in the shade. I did rip out some blackberries, and it wasnít actually as hard as Iíd been expecting. I can probably get them all by next week.


Now Iím eating lunch.

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