2007-05-08 - 4:51 p.m.

It is HOT!

I just left to pick M up to take her to riding, but her arms hurts and her foot hurts so she elected to stay home. I think she's partly just tired, with some possibility of actual ailments. But it's good -- the first day in a week or so that she's come straight home.

N came home as well, although in the meantime I'd gone to the grocery store, plus remembered that the vegetable box came today, so there was food! ice cream and fresh strawberries and garden peas --

So now I'm back at work for a short while, and they're home eating grapes while they conjugate latin verbs or memorize what the federalists wanted, or something --

And I'm going home soon to cook some dinner, which will be chicken salad and a green salad.

And that's that.

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