Update on several fronts

2007-05-09 - 11:59 a.m.

It's actually been a reasonable sort of day, for once. I did not have some terrible long meeting in the morning. I just missed the bus, but then walked and was able to get here at a reasonable hour. How nice!

M was completely distraught this morning, because it is not hot, and she'd been planning to wear her new yellow shirt (which she thinks is a dress) and someone named Helena's leggings, and it had to be today since today is the day she see MT -- a friend from elementary and middle schools who now goes to a different high school. She was actually reduced to tears. Proving yet again that should you be looking for some ideal age to revisit, 15 would not be it.

And I did make dinner last night. Hooray for me! It was chicken salad, carefully placed on a lettuce leaf. We had appetizers of fresh garden peas and strawberries. Very nice. K was late, because he was playing tennis, which was also good.

Also, I need to get the bikes fixed.

Also, I'm tired.

Also, I'm reading this, which is surprisingly interesting. It's written by an autistic man, and it's about three or four of his classmates from a school he attended when he was 4 or 5. It's actually really interesting, because although he's almost kind of outgrown his autism (well, not really -- but he's really high functioning, holds down a job, etc.) he really is different. He's very articulate, and able to explain what it's like to be him fairly clearly. But you can even seen in what he writes -- not in what he explains, but even in how he explains it, or how he chooses to explain it -- how his mind is really different. Which is fascinating.

And in the queue I have Him Her Him Again The End of Him, which I am especially excited about because I just found out that Patricia Marx, who wrote it, also wrote Now everybody really hates me, with illustrations by Roz Chast, which is perhaps one of the best books ever.

I also just finished The Glass Devil, which I would recommend to anyone who really likes Swedish detective novels, which I do, but not, perhaps, anyone else.

Okay -- that's it.

Have a lovely Wednesday, if at all possible.

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