Oh it's a good thing it's friday

2007-05-18 - 11:34 a.m.


So, I've been out a conference all this week -- driving down to San Jose (hi Catie! every day. I'm always impressed by how nice San Jose is -- it feels like one of those old sleepy mission towns -- it even maybe feels a little bit more like southern California than it does up here. I think we may take a little field trip down there this summer. Take the train -- see a few museums -- eat some food. Anyway, it was fun.

And now I'm back.

And N lived through her AP exams. I guess we'll find out if she passed a little later. But they're over, and that's good. She celebrated on Wednesday by taking the rest of the day off and driving to the beach, and she survived that, too.

I'm having very dismal feelings about LUPS these days. I'm not sure I'd really recommend it to anyone. It's too big, too impersonal. I recently found out that N's chemistry teacher (and she loved chemistry, and worked really hard in it) probably doesn't even know her name. That's a problem.

Anyway -- there are probably good points. Even in my darkest moments I can probably see that.

And now I have to eat lunch ...

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