2007-05-20 - 5:06 p.m.

What a lovely day!

K went off to play tennis, and when he came home, after a while, the four of us walked down a few streets to have breakfast. Actually, K and I went first to buy pastries, but then realized we could actually eat breakfast, so we called the girls and they came down to meet us. It was nice.

And last night, k and I went to see H0t F^zz, which was actually pretty funny.

Anyway, after breakfast, K and N and I walked our bikes down to the bike shop to get them fixed, but it turns out that only N's needs fixing. So I rode mine back, and picked up M. M and I walked back to the shop and dropped hers off (hers does need fixing, and is really too small) and brought K's home.

(K went off to work, and N went on to something in the city -- which I'm a little unclear about, especially since she's got 50,000 pounds of homework. But it was something she had to do -- because of some club she's in.)

It started off as sort of a terrible weekend. There was another one of these articles about it's now no longer possible to get into even the worst of all colleges, and N got a call from the museum she was hoping to work at this summer saying they didn't need her. So that was all sort of sad.

But then I started thinking ... probably the colleges below the worst of all colleges are okay. And they're bound to be full of smart kids these days, since apparently no one is being admitted anywhere else. She's going to end up in St Paul, or some small town in Iowa or Maine or New York or Illinois -- if she's lucky. If she's not lucky, we can always hope that the community college will take her, although even that is presuming a lot, I guess. But anyway, any of those places would really probably be kind of fun.

And about the summer, well. It means she can take the drawing class she was thinking about, and it means she'll have all of August off. So we started looking at programs in Spain again.

It sort of infuriates me. She's neither disadvantaged, nor the child of museum staff, and I suppose that's why she didn't get it. She's also a bit shy. But why don't shy people ever get a break!

But then I started thinking about it. When I was in high school, and even college, there were a million things I couldn't do because I had to work. My parents would never have sent me off to a language program, or let me take a low-paying but interesting job. So I worked as a desk clerk -- which was also pretty interesting. But not exactly career-developing.

But anyway, that's not the case with N. She could work at the coffee shop down the street while she's here, and then she really can figure out something else to do, and that made the whole thing seem more palatable. We have choices, after all. We can figure out what we want to do, and then do it.

And after that, it all seemed better.

Also, I think we're all really entering summer mode. I cannot wait to ride my bike to work again -- it will be so much faster than walking, and so much more fun. And everyone is ready to clear out closets and reorganize, which we have not been able to do since we moved in. So that's all good, too.

And the weather is lovely, and the yard is full of birds ... it's really impossible to be too upset about anything.

And perhaps I'll make some pesto for dinner ....

And that's it.

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