2007-05-22 - 5:47 p.m.

My god, it is tuesday!

I'm actually sort of insanely busy, and we're all a little crabby, and I think it's that the school year is winding down and we're all sick and tired of it, but we still have to make ourselves care until the end.

I guess.

And I'm sort of boiling over with anger at the unfairness of many things.

Talk to me if you're planning to send your kid to LUPS. I'll talk you right out of it.

But Spain might be a possibility again, although I'm a little worried that a month might be a bit too long.

What if N goes to, say, Salamanca, and I go to say, Madrid, and then I won't really be bothering her, but if she should happen to come down with, say, Lyme disease, I'd be right there in the same country and could go get her.

Doesn't that sound like a good idea?

Plus, I could actually go to spanish school, too! I'd never even considered that, but I'm suddenly thinking -- why not?

I'm suddenly thinking -why not?- about all kinds of things, life-my-way.


Also, I went to the doctor yesterday -- you know, i think I wrote about this and diaryland ate my entry -- anyway, I actually sort of like my doctor.

So that's good, too.

Okay, now I have to call N and tell her to start the chicken, and then I have to go pick up M from the hinterlands.

Here's a new thought, though -- why don't we send N to culinary school in Spain!. Then the fact that she's had the very hard-grading latin teacher for all four years, when most kids only get her for two, because of the spacing of her own children and the fact that she doesn't want to teach them, so the other teacher has to teach those years, which means that my kids will never ever get the nice latin teacher who actually focuses on things like what you're reading and not only verbs -- I don't think I have to worry about explaining this to the unknowing admissions people at spanish culinary school, because they probably don't even care!

Plus, then she can cook for us, and that would be great.

As you can see, I've got business to attend to.

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