2007-05-29 - 1:17 p.m.


I must report that I completely cleaned out my closet this weekend, and I put all the sheets for my bed in my closet, on some shelves, and now there is room in the regular linen closet for all the other sheets, and all the towels.

And then I washed all the sleeping bags, although one is missing, and I secretly believe that M left it at H's house, and we'll never get it back.

And I cooked a rather delicious london broil, and M and I made some exquisite and decorative chocolate cupcakes with garishly bright pink frosting. And I went to Ik3a and got a desk, and I think I have further plans involving Ik3a and desks and storage units and the kitchen desk-area and the study upstairs.

It is actually beginning to feel like we're moving in.



Also, I reread most of Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr. Latte. I like the recipe for chocolate cake, and I like the recipe for her mother's fried chicken. But I also like the way, in many of her episodes, things are going horribly, or she imagines that they're going horribly, but they go along, and eat something, and lo and behold, things are not quite as horrible as they seemed.

A thoroughly useful attitude toward life, and one I endorse.

M and I used her cake recipe for the cupcakes, and I think I might make her chicken tonight.


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