2007-06-04 - 9:36 a.m.

What with the kids being so busy with school, and K working so much, and I suppose spending much of the previous year buying and selling houses with all the associated turmoil, we've sort of gotten out of the habit of doing anything fun on weekends. But I'm getting a little tired of that.

Anyway -- it was an odd sort of weekend. N took an SAT test on Saturday. Both girls were out on Saturday night (K and I watched a movie). They actually both went to see the new pirates movie, which they seemed to think was not as bad as everyone else has been saying.

Sunday K went to work, and I laundered and gardened and cooked a rather delicious dinner -- salmon marinated in teriyake sauce with rice, and apricot clafouti for dessert.

Boring, though. I think we're going to have to start thinking something else up.

I read a lot, though. I'm working my way back through the Chrestomanci books which I first read with the girls many years ago. They're really good.

And now I work.

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