2007-06-05 - 12:05 p.m.

Okay, I'm adding an entry, but it has to be quick.


Oh, I talked to my friend A last night. She, like me, is on the LUPS development group. In fact, it's her fault that I'm on it, because she talked me into it.

Anyway, her son S has been through the mill, got accepted to college, and will be going off in the fall.


We were talking about how -- oh, she would be alone next year. Except for her husband, of course. At first I said, "Will it be sad?" But then I realized, "No, it will be great!"

"I spend so much of my time waiting," I said.

"You spend enormous amounts of time creating psychic space," she said, "which takes enormous amounts of energy."

"Yes," I agreed. "Waiting around to see if they are going to need a ride home from the movies."

"Being available in case anyone wants to have a meaningful conversation," she added. "Which they never do."

"Making dinner every night, because if you do, they might want to have a conversation. Which they might, once every two weeks. But you have to cook dinner every night or the once every two weeks conversation will not happen!"

"Right," she said.

She's completely right.

Suddenly, I am sort of looking forward to this.


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