I believe we have had just about enough, thank you very much

2007-06-08 - 2:18 p.m.


M woke me up at 1:30 last night to tell me something -- I think to ask me to wake her up at 6 because she had to finish the bibliography for her paper.

And then I could not go back to sleep, which never happens to me. I almost got up to go read, but as I stood at the top of the stairs, I realized that I was really tired, so I went back to bed. Finally K woke up and turned on the radio, and the drone of it put me back to sleep. Not sure about him, though.

While awake, but in bed, I worried. I worried about whether the kids are actually enrolled in summer classes (they are). I worried about M and her classes for next year. As a result, I wrote a letter to her math teacher this morning. At the time it seemed kind of funny -- here I'll find it:

Dear Mr. W.,

I'm wondering what to do about M. and honors algebra 2, and it might be easier to talk to you, if that's possible. Is there a time I could call you? Or, you could call me, pretty much any time, at xxx-xxxx.

My questions are:

M. has once again not passed the test for honors math. You're her teacher -- what is your honest opinion. Is she capable or not? I would think her a+ average in geometry would indicate a general math aptitude, but perhaps I am missing something.

I understand she's in the gray area and thus eligible to take the test again. Could she have a copy of the test so she can see which parts she needs to study? If that's not possible, could we at least have a hint? If there's a specific topic that she needs to review it would sure be a help to know what it is.

Is it worth it? Is it better to just stay in regular math and presumably continue getting A+s without too terribly much effort? How much more would she learn in honors math?


Lunatic Mother

Oh dear -- I knew when I was writing it that it was the letter you should never send.

But I am annoyed and frustrated. I'm not going to get any satisfaction from them, anyway, so I might as well just be snarky and let them see how annoyed I am.

How I do hate LUPS.

(Okay, look, I know this is not the right attitude, and I really will try to fix the whole thing. But I am so tired of them, and this is 3 am talking anyway.)

(I didn't really sign it "Lunatic Mother." That was for your benefit.)

What else.

Well, there were certainly other things to worry about, and I'm pretty sure I worried about them.

Then we got up this morning, and M's paper actually looked just fine. I stuck the footnotes in for her, which was pretty easy, and typed up her bibliography and found her a beautiful report cover. She found some rather excellent pictures on the web, which were stuck in where appropriate.

N has to give a talk on satire today for her English class, and had taped the C01bert Rep0rt, but somehow it didn't work and was all fuzzy.

But with the new attitude we all have, we decided it was fine, and hoped that her partner might have taped it as well.

You may think I am not serious, but really ... we do all have a new attitude. So much can be expected, and not more. Tapes do mess up. It's only school -- not the Nobel Prize. That's it, and it's not reasonable to expect people to worry 20 hours a day about school.

There's more to life than assignments.


There is one more week of school.


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