An attempt to recreate the past

2007-06-14 - 3:36 p.m.


I wrote an entry, and diaryland ate it.

Maybe it will show up -- that's happened before.


Well, it was a list about the last day of school.

N wants to go to Santa Cruz tomorrow night to stay over with the aunt of a friend I don't really know.

So it seems unlikely.

But anyway, today after finals they both headed off to bodies of water -- N to the beach and M to the pool.

Which sounds very tempting, as it is pretty hot here today.

And it seems like Spain might just work for N this summer.

And Massachusetts for the rest of us, with the slightest chance of a foray up to New Hampshire by way of Rhode Island ...

Oh, and I think I wanted to point out that Deborah Eisenberg's Return of the Superheroes is possibly better than I'd thought at first.

And, this is new -- I've been reading more Swedish police procedurals, and Asa Larsson is good.

And, futher newness -- it's interesting how in books where magical things exist -- Harry Potter, but also in Diana Wynne Jones -- the magical worlds are pretty archaic. It makes sense -- no need to invest airplanes if you've got magic carpets. But I wonder if it satisfies two different urges -- the archaic urge and the inventing urge. I think that it does.

All right -- now I'm going to head off and get a ton of stuff done. It's going to be amazing.

N seems a little funny lately -- Her friend E was remarking on it, too --


Okay then.

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